The mission of Sideline Prep is to give our lovelies "the knowledge, the style, and the glamour" to walk into prep classes and auditions with confidence. The "glamour" component involves your look... from head to toe! As you have likely heard me say constantly... your look and your dance ability are the TOP 2 things that the judges look for the most in auditions. They likely carry the most "weight" or the most points. So nailing the "Pro Cheer Look" is imperative in order to be successful at auditions at the professional and semi professional level.

Keep in mind that the "Pro Cheer Look" involves so many components... Your attire, your hair, makeup, smile, complexion, body/build, poise, confidence... and MORE!! This training will focus on your ATTIRE.

In this course you will discover:

  • All of the Components of the "Pro Cheer Look"
  • How to Use the P.R.E.P Model to Master Your Look
  • Our 5 Step Process to Determine the Best Attire for You
  • The Best Audition Attire /Swimsuit based on Your Body Shape
  • Our "Top" Tips for Selecting an Audition Top & Bottoms
  • How to Determine the Best Color Attire based on Your Skin Tone & Undertone
  • Whether You Should Wear Cool or Warm Colors
  • How to Determine the Best Color Attire based on Your Eye & Hair Color
  • Ideal Looks for the Interview and/or Modeling Round, if Business or Cocktail Attire is Needed
  • Footwear and Accessories Options for Every Round of the Audition Process

Before you start your training, be sure to download the below worksheets. Have your print outs and a pen ready to take notes and jot down any questions that you have.

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