Part of being a Pro Cheerleader involves being a spokesperson and ambassador for the team.  In order to fulfill these obligations, you need to be able to easily and comfortably talk to fans, soldiers, reporters, corporate event participants, management personnel, teammates and anyone else you might come in contact with while wearing your uniform.  In addition, you have to be comfortable speaking in public and sometimes in front of large audiences.  One indicator of you being able to “pull this off,” is how well you perform during your interview and/or introduction speech during the audition process.

NOTE:  The information you will learn during this training can and should apply to any interview that you have.  These principles can be applied outside of the professional cheerleader audition process.

In this course you will discover:

  • Suggestions on What You Need to Research in Preparation for Your Interview
  • Basic Sports Facts (NFL & NBA)
  • Importance of the Introduction Speech and Interview Round
  • What the Judges are Looking for
  • Potential Interview Scenarios (When & How Interviews might show up)
  • Step-by-step Instructions on HOW to Craft Your Intro Speech
  • Composer and Poise during the Interview
  • Interview Process Tips: From Arrival to Learning to Being “On Deck” to Performing
  • Types of Interview Questions You Might Hear
  • Examples of Interview Questions
  • How to Answer Interview Questions
  • Do’s and Don’ts

Before you start your training, be sure to download the below worksheets. Have your print outs and a pen ready to take notes and jot down any questions that you have.

  • Introduction Speech Worksheet
    Introduction Speech Worksheet

    This worksheet will guide you using a step-by-step process to craft you introduction speech for audition. Dig deep to come up with a unique and memorable introduction. In some cases, this will be your first impression for the judges.

  • Sideline Interview Questions Worksheet
    Sideline Interview Questions Worksheet

    Sideline Prep Coaches have been through numerous auditions and even sat on the other side of the audition process as judges. This VALUABLE worksheet documents some of the questions we have come across during the audition process... 7 pages worth!!

  • Top 10 Pro Cheer Interview Tips
    Top 10 Pro Cheer Interview Tips

    This is a Top 10 list of interview tips that you should keep in mind for your semi professional and professional interviews. These hold true if it's a formal sit down interview and also if it's a group setting interview with 3 or 4 other candidates. This is just the "Top" 10... don't forget about all the other tips that I discussed during the training.

  • 34 Crucial Tips for Your Next Interview
    34 Crucial Tips for Your Next Interview

    This is a fun infographic that provides 34 Crucial Tips for your next interview: Common Mistakes, How First Impressions are Determined, Things that Have an Impact on First Impressions, Top Most Common Interview Mistakes, Questions Most Likely to be Asked, and Most Important Interview Tips. These tips are specific to a job interview but 98% of them are relevant for a semi pro or pro cheer/dance interview.

  • How to Ace the Interview
    How to Ace the Interview

    This is another infographic that provides a 3 Step process for Acing Your Interview: Preparation; Right Before Your Interview, and During Your Interview. Again, these tips are specific to a job interview but 98% of them are relevant for a semi pro or pro cheer/dance interview.

  • 5 Quick Interview Tips
    5 Quick Interview Tips

    5 Key things to remember while preparing for your interview. Save this picture on your phone and look at it the day before and/or on your way to your audition.

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