This training is focused on the importance of Goal Setting to achieve success in your life. You will receive a thorough overview of why you should set goals, how to set them, how to monitor to track your goals, and more importantly, how to accomplish them! You will learn how to set S.M.A.R.T goals and what components should be included in all your goals.

In this course you will discover:

  • Why Goal Setting is So Important for All Areas of Your Life
  • Determine What Areas You Need to Focus on for the Audition Process
  • How to Set S.M.A.R.T Goals for Your Personal, Professional, and Pro Cheer Life
  • Learn the Importance of Setting Due Dates and Holding Yourself Accountable

Before you start your training, be sure to download the below worksheets. Have your print outs and a pen ready to take notes and jot down any questions that you have.

  • Goals
    Goals "P.R.E.P.-Work" Worksheet

    Before you can determine your goals, you need to do a bit of self-reflection. You MUST do some “pre-work” to discover your definition of success, your purpose, and your vision/what you want to ultimately accomplish in life. Doing this pre-work will help you determine and narrow down your goals.

  • Goal Setting Worksheet
    Goal Setting Worksheet

    After you complete the pre-work, you can now start developing your goals. This worksheet walks you through the process of selecting your goals, writing them in the "SMART" format and developing your plan of action to accomplish them.

  • Brainstorming Template
    Brainstorming Template

    One of the exercises in the Goal "P.R.E.P.-Work" worksheet asks you to brainstorm all the ways you can reach your Vision. Feel free to use this template for your brainstorming exercise.

  • Sideline Goals Cheat Sheet
    Sideline Goals Cheat Sheet

    Review this Cheat Sheet to make sure you know the key points from this training. If you haven't mastered the content, go back and review the training again.

  • Sideline Goals Quick Quiz
    Sideline Goals Quick Quiz

    Quickly test your knowledge of the training content by taking this "Quick Quiz."

  • 5 Step
    5 Step "P.R.E.P.-Work" Process

    This is the graphic of the five steps you will take during your self evaluation, i.e. the Goal "P.R.E.P.-Work" Worksheet

  • 7 Step Goal Process
    7 Step Goal Process

    This is the graphic of the seven steps you will take to create SMART goals, i.e. the Goal Setting Worksheet

  • SMART Goal Graphic
    SMART Goal Graphic

    This is the SMART Goal Graphic that explains each element of a SMART goal in detail.

  • Professional Cheer/Dance Key Elements
    Professional Cheer/Dance Key Elements

    This graphic breaks down the key elements that you need to research, work on, and improve prior to auditions for Knowledge, Style, and Glamour.

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